PizzaBuzz lies among the bustling shops and offices of Shoreditch offering you top quality pizza to slice and savour. Our pizzas are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and each meal can be tailored to every quests’ specific dietary requirements.



PizzaBuzz is here to offer the city a quality, quick and delicious pizza fix, this new restaurant boasts a technologically advanced self-service experience that enables you to build your very own tailor made pizza.

Guests will be able to create their own wood-fired pizza from start to finish choosing from a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can choose to takeaway or enjoy in the comfort of the restaurant.

At PizzaBuzz, we use our own unique flour blend and will also be introducing Glera-Frizzante on-tap to the UK market alongside a range of freshly squeezed juices, bottled beer, white and red wine to name a few.

PizzaBuzz is a place to Slice it and Savour it!

This really is a slice of pizza perfection.

Every PizzaBuzz Blend Tea Sipped Raises £1 for Cystic Fibrosis