Simplify your business meetings with pizza! At PizzaBuzz we offer a 20% discount for 10 or more pizzas, plus free delivery if you’re located within a 5-minute walking distance of the PizzaBuzz base on Worship Street. It’s simply a matter of ordering before 12pm or after 2pm to make the most of this pizza perk.

Our menu is fully available online so everyone can choose their own and delivery can be booked via one of the awesome apps below, all of which just made catering for the lunchtime crowds a whole lot easier for your event, busy day or team meeting.

If a lunchtime treat is more to your liking, why not invite the Mamoo ice cream trike to a location near you! We’ll be happy to pedal over and setup shop near your office, so team members  can sample the delights of our unique ice cream flavours from award-winning chef Roger Pizey.

Get 20% Off

When You Order 10 or More Pizzas

Available With

City Pantry Quiqup City Munch
Deliveroo Just Eat Jinn

Invite The Trike!

Fancy the great tasting Mamoo ice cream in your business lobby? We'll come to you, with the trike, so you and your colleagues can sample our range of unique ice cream flavours from award winning chef Roger Pizey. Available in cow's, goat's and almond milk varieties there's sure to be a Mamoo for everyone in the office.